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Anchored by the belief that true wealth is created through savings, capital investment, and productivity growth.

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Based on the irresponsible policies of the Federal Reserve and the continued failure of the United States to put our fiscal house in order, we believe that the U.S. dollar is at risk of falling relative to currencies of more economically vibrant nations.

True wealth is created through savings, capital investment, and productivity growth; not debt fueled consumption. Euro Pacific Asset Management offers a means for investors to gain exposure to those areas of the global economy that have largely avoided the crushing debt burden that has swamped many developed economies.

Euro Pacific Asset Management is committed to driving strong returns and build long-term client relationships based on creative initiatives, honesty, integrity and clearly established expectations.



Seeking truth to better inform our decisions and better serve our clients.


Honesty & diligence are the foundation on which we build our relationships.


Listening with intent to understand our clients' needs to achieve their goals.


Critical & objective evaluation of our positions to reach beyond the standard.

Euro Pacific Asset Management currently offers 5 strategies to help investors diversify their portfolios outside of the U.S. These strategies seek countries with positive macro-economic fundamentals and employ a top-down analysis to select the best currencies and sectors, as well as a bottom-up analysis to select securities with the most potential to pay out high and sustainable dividends.

Our strategies also include investments in emerging market small cap companies, investment grade government bonds (as well as undervalued corporate bonds) and precious metal exploration and prospecting companies.

All of our strategies are actively managed by our team of investment professionals and guided by the investment philosophies of Peter Schiff.

Emerging Markets Small Companies Fund (EPASX)

Gold Fund (EPGFX)

International Bond Fund (EPIBX)

International Dividend Income Fund (EPDPX)

International Value Fund (EPIVX)

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