True wealth is created through savings, capital investment, and productivity growth.

- Peter Schiff

who we are


Euro Pacific Asset Management, LLC is an independent investment advisor focused on providing high-quality, sustainable investment strategies to clients globally. We take a fresh approach to understanding the economy and investing internationally that is not overly influenced by traditional economic views. Our CEO and Investment Committee Chairman, Peter Schiff, has been consistent in communicating this investment approach on television, radio, and in his many bestselling books, and is credited with being one of the few economists to have predicted the housing collapse and subsequent global financial crisis.

Our views on the world economy and investing are anchored by the belief that true wealth is created through savings, capital investment, and productivity growth; not debt fueled consumption. Increasingly, investors are realizing that their exposure in various countries and currencies, if applied regardless of fundamentals, can be a very risky approach to asset allocation and investing. Understanding these fundamentals and their appropriate application is where Euro Pacific Asset Management excels.

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