The Emerging Markets Small Companies Fund seeks to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing at least 80% of its net assets, which include borrowings for investment purposes, in equity securities of small capitalization companies. The fund sub-advisors will focus on dividend paying small cap companies that they believe are stable, financially sound, and capable of growth. Click Here to learn more.

The Gold Fund will attempt to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in precious metals, precious metal producers and precious metal exploration and prospecting companies. The Fund is sub-advised by Adrian Day, of Adrian Day Asset Management, a well-regarded resource investor, who has managed precious metal investments since 1991.

The Gold Fund uses a top-down approach to screen for and select attractive markets and sectors, and a bottom-up valuation approach to select securities and focuses on a long-term investment horizon in order to realize value. The Fund’s distinct allocation across precious metal sectors attempts to maximize upside while minimizing risk. The Advisor will focus on depressed major miners, high growth juniors as well as exploration companies. In attempting to minimize risk in the Fund, the Advisor will emphasize royalty companies (within the major miner space) and prospecting companies (within the exploration space). Click Here to learn more.

The International Bond Fund’s investment objective is to seek current income and capital appreciation. The fund invests primarily in investment grade government bonds, with the remainder dedicated to what the management team believes are undervalued corporate bonds from companies in attractive sectors with improving fundamentals. The fund is run by Investment Committee Chairperson Peter Schiff and portfolio manager Jim Nelson, CFA. Click Here to learn more.

The International Dividend Income Fund uses a top-down analysis to select the best currencies and sectors, and a bottom-up analysis to select the securities with the most potential to pay out high and sustainable dividends that grow. The strategy seeks to diversify currency risk and takes a long-term investment view with low portfolio turnover. Click Here to learn more.

The International Value Fund offers investors of varied means access to a diversified, actively managed portfolio. The fund seeks to provide income and capital appreciation, and is run by Peter Schiff, as the Investment Committee Chairperson, and Jim Nelson, CFA, as the Portfolio Manager.

The fund seeks to help diversify currency risk by investing in a number of countries with positive macro-economic fundamentals (including trade surpluses, low government debt, high interest rates relative to other developing nations, and low inflation – just to name a few). It is an alternative way to take advantage of Euro Pacific’s global investment approach. Click Here to learn more.

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