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As of March 31, 2024

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About the Fund


The EuroPac International Dividend Income Fund offers investors a potentially low volatility fund, focused primarily on sustainable and growing dividend income.

We are distinct from other dividend funds in that rather than focus on the highest yield, we focus on a firm’s ability to reliably pay their dividends, and grow them over time. Too often, companies appear to have a high yield because the market is pricing in a dividend cut. When investors chase these companies, and a cut eventually takes place, the investors sell the stock further, often resulting in a capital loss for the investors and a reduced dividend – which is the real true risk in dividend investing. By performing throughout due diligence and focusing on a company’s ability to pay a dividend and grow it over time, we believe we are adding only the highest quality dividend payers to our portfolio, resulting in a less volatile product overall with more consistent income and reduced risk for capital impairment.

In addition to focusing on sustainable dividends that grow, we also strive to add stocks only when they are trading at a discount to fair value. Our holding period is long-term, meaning we may be a more tax-efficient option for investors.

If you are looking to diversify your foreign currency exposure into a portfolio of high quality firms, with potentially low volatility and an ability to pay their dividends and growth them over time, the EuroPac Dividend Fund is a good investment vehicle to look more closely at.

Investment Process

Our process begins with a thourghout and complete review of all investible companies within our universe. This review is both qualitative and quantitative, with the goal of identifying exceptional companies with strong balance sheets, that are positioned in industries with positive long-term prospects. The highest quality businesses are then valued and placed on a watch list.We will then patiently wait until a business on the watch list hits our target buy price, which incorporates a large margin of safety. By focusing on the long term and having a low portfolio turnover**, we believe we are able to increase the chances of successful security selection.

Top 10 Holdings

As of March 31, 2024 |  % of Total Portfolio Holdings

British American Tobacco PLC 4.1%
Vodafone Group PLC 4.0%
Engie SA 3.1%
Alamos Gold Inc 2.9%
Barrick Gold Corp 2.8%
Equinox Gold Corp 2.7%
BP PLC 2.5%
TotalEnergies SE 2.5%
Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd 2.4%
IAMGOLD Corp 2.4%

Geographic Allocation

As of March 31, 2024 |  % of Total Portfolio Holdings

Canada 21.7%
Britain 18.2%
France 10.5%
Spain 7.8%
Germany 6.4%
Norway 5.5%
Brazil 4.8%
Australia 4.8%
Singapore 4.5%
United States 4.4%

Sector Diversification

As of March 31, 2024 |  % of Total Portfolio Holdings

Consumer Staples 23.0%
Basic Materials 22.9%
Utilities 15.7%
Communications 12.7%
Energy 11.8%
Financial 10.9%
Technology 1.2%
Consumer Discretionary 1.1%
Industrial 0.8%
*Weighted average market capitalization is a type of market index in which each component is weighted according to the size of its total market capitalization. Market capitalization is the sum of the total value of a company’s outstanding shares multiplied by the price of one share.
**Portfolio turnover is a measure of how quickly securities in a fund are either bought or sold by the fund’s managers, over a given period of time.

Note: Dividends are not guaranteed and may fluctuate. 

Fund Strengths


The Fund primarily seeks out companies that pay or are likely to pay high, sustainable distributions relative to their peers that will grow over time.


The fund seeks to add high-quality franchises when they are trading at prices below their intrinsic value, that exhibit attractive dividend yields. The management pays particular attention to not just the dividend level, but the ability to continue to pay the dividend and grow it over the long-run.


The Fund selects companies with strong balance sheets to reduce capital risk and earnings volatility. The Fund also believes undervalued companies with strong balance sheets are most likely to have the ability to unlock value when attractive opportunities present themselves.


The fund managers have over 40 years of investment experience combined, and both have been with the fund since its inception. We pride ourselves on our generalist approach, as we feel it enables us to find value where others cannot.

Invest with Expertise and Knowledge

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